Philosophy + Approach

We are dedicated to truth, and this includes our approach to making photographs. For this reason, we love the candid and the ‘raw’.

We love those who, as the saying goes, ‘work hard in silence’, producing events and results that nudge the world that much more toward positive outcomes. With our photographs, we enjoy showing the world that hard work and the outcomes of diligence.

We photograph meetings, workshops, symposiums, conferences, and miscellaneous PR events. Working closely with TT sporting associations over the years, we’ve also photographed a number of sporting activities, allowing us to demonstrate the spirit and endurance of our athletes, supported by the dedication of their coaches, parents, sponsors, and administrators.

We love what we do, and we love the stories we get to tell.

Our Photography Style

  • Rawness and realness: We aim to be as truthful as possible. For this reason, we also shy away from ‘photoshopping’ our photographs. We wish viewers to know that the moment being seen really took place and that they can trust the image;

  • Candidness: There is (usually) greater storytelling power in a candid photograph than in a posed one;

  • Non-obstruction: We aim to be an un-intrusive as possible, so to avoid disrupting the scene. For subjects who dislike the process of being photographed, our approach has proven very effective at easing their anxiety, especially in tense situations such as delivering a speech or presentation;

  • Architecture: Our photography background is strongly rooted in architectural photography. We enjoy the psychological effect of seeing straight, bold, vertical + horizontal lines. The steadfastness communicated by those lines adds a feeling of strength and endurance to our subjects, when viewed in context;

  • Expressions: We love faces and what they say;

  • Bodylanguage: Non-verbal communication offers deep layers of story beyond spoken words. We remain aware of it while photographing, and use it in conjunction with expression to increase the meaning told by each photograph;

  • Colour: Because we are Caribbean.

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