Philosophy + Partnership

We work for individuals and companies who wish to push further their initial website investments by transforming their existing websites into properly-made, customised pieces of software; The aim being to make their lives—and the running of their organisations—faster, easier and more efficient, allowing them to better serve and bring value to their own customers.

Maintaining a philosophy of openness and accessibility, we partner with talented graphic designers worldwide who know the ins and outs of responsive website design. We execute website projects which are built with priority on mobile responsiveness, and usability to persons who may be suffering from vision or mobility challenges. We believe this will be of growing importance as our population ages and inverts.

Technical Ability

We are general developers with extensive knowledge and experience in PHP, Javascript, MySQL databases, HTML + CSS (SCASS / Sass), and we most-often use WordPress as a convenient content manager.

This wider range of skills allows us to develop features not found within WordPress nor its available plugins, extensively customising yet still presenting them to our users within the user-friendly WordPress interface seamlessly.